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Functional Paints and Coating

We, at Manas Enterprises have understood this very well and have taken this challenge to research and build products in India, for India to serve this market well


Waterborne Architectural facade paint with extreme water and dust repellence.
Features and benefits:
  •     Water-borne single pack paint with self-cleaning ability
  •     Super-hydrophobic surface with easy water roll-off
  •     Mud repellency
  •     Excellent water and alkali resistance
  •     Excellent efflorescence resistance
  •     Excellent protection against alga, fungi and microbial attack
  •     High dirt pick-up resistance(DPUR)
  •     Excellent crack-bridging property
  •     All kind of exterior masonry walls
  •     Recommended Primer for LOTUS CLEAN is PRIMER XT (1 ltr, 5 ltr and 20 ltr)


Water borne interior coating with extremely high scrub resistance. Unique Solution for damp/moist wall
Features and benefits:
  •     SingleWater-borne single pack paint with self-cleaning ability
  •     Water-borne highly cross-linked polymer
  •     High mechanical robustness
  •     All types of tough stains can be cleaned easily
  •     No film deterioration or colour change on high scrubbing
  •     Resistance to all commercial cleaning agents (domex, harpic, dettol, savlon etc.)
  •     Can be cleaned with mild abrasives with most detergents and solvent like alcohol
  •     Excellent water and chemical resistance
  •     Can be applied on damp surfaces
  •     Work against rising dampness
  •     No fungus, alga, mildews growth on the cured paint film
  •     Recommended Primer for PRAINTW2K is PRIMER W2K (1 ltr & 2ltr)


MASTERPROTEK is recent advancement in nanotechnology to provide amazing gloss and finish. It’s a transparent ceramic based glass like coating provides highest water and mud repellence with superior hardness, resistance to scratches, protection against UV and cleaning chemical harnesses.
Features and benefits:
  •     Ceramic coating
  •     Easy to use (Do It yourself)
  •     Bright glass like thin film
  •     Excellent gloss and finish (Mirror like finish)
  •     Excellent water and mud repellence
  •     Easy to clean and anti graffiti
  •     Superior hardness, durable and abrasion resistant
  •     Resistance to UV
  •     Resistance conventional cleaning chemicals and fuels, lubricants


Waterborne bactericidal paint for interior walls
Features and benefits:
  •     Water borne single-pack, low odour, rapid drying paint
  •     Complies with JIS Z & ASTM E 2180
  •     Kills or inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and staphylococcus
  •     Protection against growth of micro-organisms like mould, fungi, yeasts and bacteria
  •     No fungus, algae, mildews growth on the cured paint film
  •     A Excellent stain and scrub resistance
  •     Easy to apply with conventional tools
  •     High mechanical robustness
  •     Recommended Primer for HYGIENE COAT + is PRIMER W2K (1 ltr & 2ltr)


Heat reflective and thermal insulating coating for roofs and walls
Features and benefits:
  •     Water-borne single pack paint with thermal insulation
  •     High Solar reflective index value
  •     Excellent thermal insulation at low thickness
  •     Reduce inside temperature with 10 to 15 degree Celsius
  •     Non-conductive property saves air conditioning energy cost
  •     Excellent adhesion to metal, asbestos and concrete surface

APS 2500

High durable solvent free exterior paint. 25 years gloss retention in exterior exposure
Features and benefits:
  •     Acrylic polysiloxane based Isocyanate free top coat
  •     25 years gloss retention in sunlight
  •     High performance anti-corrosive protection
  •     Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  •     Good abrasion and impact resistance
  •     Good film flexibility & Gloss retention
  •     Excellent UV resistance.
  •     Recommended Primer for APS 2500 is ULTRACORR ZRP and for rust conversation we recommended the usage of ULTRACORR RCP


Thin film Transparent anti corrosion hard coating
Features and benefits:
  •     Protects from rust & corrosion
  •     Excellent atmospheric corrosion and weather resistant
  •     Good resistant against chemicals, acids and alkaline cleaning compounds
  •     High durability
  •     Protect surface for minimum 3 years
  •     Recommended for direct to metal application


Super hydrophobic, high gloss nano-composite material, Easy to clean coating. Ideal for alloy wheels etc
Features and benefits:
  •     Easy clean / self-cleaning
  •     High performance oleophobic barrier for wheel Alloys
  •     Engineered to resist most road contaminants
  •     Reduce cleaning cycle
  •     Enhance shine and look
  •     Repels most stains (no need of cleaning agent, can be dry wiped)
  •     Saves water for washing and cleaning of
  •     Long performance life