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Automobile Care Products

We, at Manas Enterprises have understood this very well and have taken this challenge to research and build products in India, for India to serve this market well


Water Repellent & easy to clean transparent coating for vehicle glass windshield - Drive safe even in heavy rain..
Features and benefits:
  •     Two component (mix ratio 2:1 v/v) reactive cure
  •     High Visibility through front / rear windshield
  •     Excellent Transparency and transparency retention (driver's safety parameter
  •     Doesn't develop haziness on prolonged aging
  •     Easy cleaning - dose not allow dust to stick,
  •     Dust can be easily cleaned using a mild water wash
  •     Repellant to mud water (No blind views on mud splashing)
  •     Superior mechanical robustness and durable to weather effects


Super-hydrophilic nanomaterial based anti-fog coating for instant protection
Features and benefits:
  •     Single component, ready to use materials, air drying
  •     Instant protection against fog
  •     Recommended for cold condensation
  •     No fog formation on temperature gradient or breathing on the coated surface
  •     Recommended for glass and clear plastics in automotive, electronics & aerospace use
  •     Suitable for safety masks, eyeglasses, sunglasses, ski goggles, sport eye-wears, helmet visors, binoculars, telescopes, camera lenses
  •     Suggested for bathroom shower mirrors, car rear view mirrors, windshields & windows of airplanes, view through window, doors


MASTERPROTEK is recent advancement in nanotechnology to provide amazing gloss and finish. It’s a transparent ceramic based glass like coating provides highest water and mud repellence with superior hardness, resistance to scratches, protection against UV and cleaning chemical harnesses.
Features and benefits:
  •     Ceramic coating
  •     Easy to use (Do It yourself)
  •     Bright glass like thin film
  •     Excellent gloss and finish (Mirror like finish)
  •     Excellent water and mud repellence
  •     Easy to clean and anti graffiti
  •     Superior hardness, durable and abrasion resistant
  •     Resistance to UV
  •     Resistance conventional cleaning chemicals and fuels, lubricants
Supershine nanoprotection with water and mud repellency Features and benefits:
  •     Single component air drying nano coating
  •     Enhances gloss
  •     Repel water, mud and waterborne stains
  •     Creates an easy to clean surface
  •     Performance retain even after the jet wash (2-3 Nos)
  •     Very high durability
  •     Recommended for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles
  •     Suitable for any painted metal surface


Bright-O-Clean is water less ‘green’ body cleaner for private and commercial vehicles to obtain a cleaning and showroom like shine and finish without any soap/shampoo.
Features and benefits:
  •     Easy to use, DIY Spray
  •     Eco-friendly solution
  •     Remove dust, dirt, finger marks, bird drops, mark of tree saps
  •     Saves water
  •     It cleans without scratching the surface and provides smooth silky finish
  •     A safe alternative to soap / shampoo Saves energy to operate the power tools for jet washing
  •     Enhance productivity of the car spa by 30-45 minutes
  •     Protect coating system from regular jet washing
  •     Enhance gloss and shine


Water repellent, anti-microbial and stain proof breathable coating for fabrics
Features and benefits:
  •     Environmental Friendly water base system
  •     Protect fabrics from accidental spillage of water, coffee, tea, beverages, etc.
  •     Stable in multiple detergent washes
  •     Does not affect the original feel and appearance of fabric
  •     Substrate remains breathable / vapour permeable
  •     Suitable for car interiors, furniture upholstery, carpets etc.
  •     Can be applied on apparel clothing, shoes, mattresses, bed sheets etc.
  •     Anti-microbial coating


Transparent long life tyre coating for long lasting sheen, wet look and protection. Mud and dirt repellent
Features and benefits:
  •     Easy clean / self-cleaning
  •     Provide long lasting sheen and wet look
  •     Repels most water, stain and mud
  •     Engineered to resist most road contaminants
  •     Reduce cleaning cycle
  •     Enhance shine and look
  •     Long performance life


Thin film Transparent anti corrosion hard coating
Features and benefits:
  •     Protects from rust & corrosion
  •     Excellent atmospheric corrosion and weather resistant
  •     Good resistant against chemicals, acids and alkaline cleaning compounds
  •     High durability
  •     Protect surface for minimum 3 years
  •     Recommended for direct to metal application


Super hydrophobic, high gloss nano-composite material, Easy to clean coating. Ideal for alloy wheels etc
Features and benefits:
  •     Easy clean / self-cleaning
  •     High performance oleophobic barrier for wheel Alloys
  •     Engineered to resist most road contaminants
  •     Reduce cleaning cycle
  •     Enhance shine and look
  •     Repels most stains (no need of cleaning agent, can be dry wiped)
  •     Saves water for washing and cleaning of
  •     Long performance life